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Brown stew chicken Jerk is awesome. Funny/cute cashier.
Mar. 18, 2016 - Chuck

Jerk chicken is too legit to quit! Perfect amount of spice - the flavor is incomparable! I would be a jerk to not go back for more!
Feb. 18, 2016 - Anthony

Ok... MUST try the whole belly clams or shrimp! THE BEST!!!! Ask for "lightly golden"...mmmmmmmmmmmm Service is THE BEST! We were always treated like "family" My dad couldn't wait to go.... and if he was still here today, he would say "TRY THE CLAMS!"
Jul. 17, 2015 - MARY and DAD

We ordered many times. Fast delivery and delicious food. Always order fish and chips . Never disappointed. Freshly made.
Joanne Milani

I've been to the restaurant twice, and had them deliver once. The food was great all three times. The service was friendly and fast, the delivery arrived in less than 20 minutes. I will certainly return they have a large menu and I can't wait to try something new. I would recommend it to all my friends and anyone looking for a great fish dinner.
Kelly Markson (Google) 4 Stars

For what this place is...a small fish and chips establishment, I cannot complain. This place took the previous Jerk Fish right next to Big Daddy's Laundromat. Simple place with an area to dine in if you wish. The owners were very friendly. We ate here for lunch today. We ordered the Fish and Chips platter and the fried scallop platter.
The Fish and Chip platter was reasonably priced at 10.95. The dish had 3-4 large pieces of lightly battered white fish that was VERY fresh. You can tell it was not frozen and was prepared to order. The batter was perfect and not over powering. The fish itself was pearly white, buttery and flaky, the way any dense white fish like Cod should be. It came with fries which was your standard steak cut fries and coleslaw.
The scallop roll platter had about 6 medium sized sea scallops on a split top hot dog bun. Again the scallops were fresh, pearly white and fall apart tender. The bun could have been buttered and toasted like that of a lobster roll, I guess that is just the NE girl in me. This meal also came with french fries and coleslaw but I had substituted the fries for onion rings- again I suspect frozen onion rings.
Although most of their food is deep fried, the flavors are very clean and doesn't have that old oil taste that some places can have. There are plenty other choices on the menu as well such as beef ribs, pork ribs, and jerk chicken. Over all the experience was pleasantly surprising again for the type of establishment, price and location. Nothing fancy here but decent fresh seafood that will please your fish and chip cravings.
Jocelyn O. Middletown, CT (Yelp) 4 Stars

Excellent! The food was delicious, the service was great! In a nice friendly atmosphere. What more can I say, we will definitely be back.
Mark j. Middletown, CT (Yelp) 5 Stars

Fish & Chips -- Fun Facts
Fish and chips have a third less calories than other popular takeouts and represents just 30% of a woman's recommended calorie intake and 23% of a man's. It has a third less fat than a popular fast food burger.
The first fish and chip shop is thought to have been opened in Mossley, near Oldham, England in 1863, although there are claims for one in London that opened in 1860.
Winston Churchill called them "the good companions". John Lennon smothered his in tomato ketchup. Michael Jackson liked them with mushy peas.
George Orwell in The Road to Wigan Pier (1937) put fish and chips first among the home comforts that helped keep the masses happy and "averted revolution".
The record for the most portions of fish and chips sold by an independent fish and chip shop in one day is over 4,000.


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